Introduction to themes/CSS

The ability to change themes and other aspects of CSS has transformed the experience of working in Roam.

Roam Themes extension

The easiest way to change themes is to use the RoamThemes Chrome extension. You can find out more about it and how to use it here.


  • you can change the theme you are using in seconds
  • you can try out lots of different themes
  • your chosen theme will be used on every single Roam database you visit in your Chrome browser.


  • you can’t make any customizations to your chosen theme.

Manually adding individual themes

You can also find a guide to manually adding individual themes here.


  • you can customize your chosen theme
  • the theme will show for other visitors to your database whichever browser they are using.


  • it takes a few minutes and a slightly involved process to change your theme.

Other CSS changes

We’ll be adding information about other CSS changes you can make to your Roam database soon.


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