Give your graph superpowers with Roam42

Roam42 is a collection of community plugins, bundled and extended by David Vargas. Not only that, it also extends the range of shortcuts to work within Roam.

This page is updated every time there’s a new release of Roam42. Here, you’ll find all shortcuts and workflows that are possible with the plugin.

Here you find the official Roam42 page.

An overview of Roam42 functionality

  • Overall makes Roam easier to use with a keyboard.
  • Adds a searchable reference of Roam’s keyboard shortcuts.
  • Adds deep navigation using the keyboard.
  • Adds Natural Language Processing (NLP) for dates.
  • Adds live preview of internal pages.
  • Adds the ability to quickly jump to dates.

How to install Roam42

Head over to Roam42’s at and click the following button to copy the extension:

Copy extension

Next, go to the roam/js page in your Roam graph and paste the extension into a new block.

Click out of the block so the following red button appears. Finally, click the button to activate Roam42:

Yes, I know what I'm doing.

How to read shortcuts

Shortcuts are key combinations that often need to be pressed simultaneously. When this is the case, you’ll see the keys mentioned with a hyphen (-) between them (for example: Shift-Tab).

Other shortcuts work by pressing keys in succession. When that’s the case, two instructions are shown (for example: Ctrl-c then Ctrl-s).

Roam42 shortcuts

Function Windows shortcut macOS shortcut
Roam42 help. Pulls up the help menu with the basic Roam42 keyboard shortcuts. Alt-Shift-h Option-Shift-h
Quick reference. Pulls up a searchable quick reference with all Roam native shortcuts.

Also available as standalone page here.

Ctrl-Shift-h Cmd-Shift-h
Daily Notes popup. Opens the Daily Notes page as an overlay. Using the same combination hides the overlay. Alt-Shift-, Option-Shift-,
WordNet dictionary. Opens a search box at the right side of the screen, enabling you to search for the definition of words. The definition is shown underneath:

Roam42 WordNet dictionary

Alt-Shift-. Option-Shift-.
Date picker. Opens a date picker to jump to a specific date (navigable with the arrow keys on your keyboard).

There’s also a key for it in the sidebar so it’s accessible on mobile: Roam42 date picker button

Alt-Shift-j Option-Shift-j
Next day. When viewing a daily note, this shortcut brings you to the next day. Ctrl-Shift-. Ctrl-Shift-.
Previous day. When viewing a daily note, this shortcut brings you to the previous day. Ctrl-Shift-, Ctrl-Shift-,
Natural Language Processing for dates. When typing phrases like “next Monday” or “in a month”, Roam42 will turn these phrases into date tags.

Roam42 Natural Language Processing

Alt-Shift-d Option-Shift-d
Toggle live preview. When enabled, live preview shows you a small popup with the contents of that page when you hover your mouse over an internal link. Ctrl-Shift-l Ctrl-Shift-l
Deep navigation. When enabled, you can navigate to blocks using their number on the page. By pressing Alt-g/Option-g, the block numbers will show and by typing the number, the cursor will be placed in that block.

To enable deep navigation, open the Roam42 help menu with the shortcut Alt-Shift-h (Windows)/Option-Shift-h (macOS).

Click the Roam42 settings button  button next to the Deep nav option:

Roam 42 deep nav settings 1

Then, enable the functionality:

Roam 42 deep nav settings 2

Alt-g Option-g


Roam42 videos

The Roam42 plugin originally launched under the name RoamMonkey. Although the name has changed, much of the original functionality persists, so the following video is still useful. What’s shown in the video is documented on this page.

On the 23rd of August 2020, RoamMonkey was renamed to Roam42 and new features were added. Again, we have documented what’s shown in this video.

On the 13th of September 2020, a resizable daily note popup, deep navigation and search autocomplete were added to Roam42.

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