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The RoamThemes Chrome extension, which has been created by Jordan Lyall, allows you to change your Roam theme instantaneously.

It’s a great way of quickly trying out new themes and then settling on the one you want to use. As of October 2020, there are 20 different themes to choose from.

There’s one thing to watch out for. If you find any of the new themes aren’t displaying correctly, it’s worth switching off any custom css you’re already using in case it’s causing a conflict.


  • you can change the theme you are using in seconds
  • you can try out lots of different themes
  • your chosen theme will be used on every single Roam database you visit in your Chrome browser.


  • you can’t make any customizations to your chosen theme.

If you want to make customizations, you will need to install the theme manually. The pros and cons of this approach are explained here.

Using the extension

1. Click on the Roam Themes icon in your Chrome browser window when you are on a Roam database page.

2. As you click on a theme, your Roam database will start using that theme instantaneously and will carry on using it until you either turn the extension off or choose another theme.

3. Keep on clicking on different themes until you find the one you like the best!

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