Cleaning up Roam formatting

If you don’t need to clean up multiple pages and only need to export Roam blocks, this cleanup option may come in handy.

Roam uses shortcodes to make its functions work. For example, pages are surrounded by double square brackets; todo’s use the {{[[TODO]]}} code , and attributes require the use of double colons ::. In addition, the nesting of blocks can lead to multiple levels of indentation.

This becomes problematic when you want to use text from Roam in an email or a document.

For example, this is text copied from Roam and pasted into an email. The multiple levels of indentation, a phrase with double brackets and the todo shortcodes included don’t make reading the text easy.


Below is the text once it has been cleaned up by Roam Tools. And you can add in extra formatting in the email program if you want.


Roam Tools is a free website where you paste in the formatted text you have copied from Roam.


If you want to remove a particular type of formatting, you click on the text in the left menu to activate it. As you can see below, there is a wide range of options available.

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