List of web capture options

Being able to capture content from web pages is one of the key requirements of most Roam users. Below are some options that allow this to be done easily.

The two leading web capture options are:

Both are Chrome extensions.

The Roam Highlighter extension allows you to capture website page titles, urls and snippets of selected text. It also allows the copying of Kindle Highlights in Roam. Our detailed guide to using Roam Highlighter can be found here.

The Eloquent extension gives users slightly more options as it also allows the writing of notes and the indenting of content before import into Roam.

Other options include:

If you use tools like Instapaper, Pocket, or Kindle, we recommend you use Readwise to automatically let your notes and highlights flow into Roam. If you register with this link, you’ll receive an additional free month trial (two months total—we don’t earn anything if you register via us).

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