What is Readwise?

Readwise logoReadwise is a service that helps you extract highlights and notes from many apps. It allows you to integrate with many popular ebook platforms and read-it-later apps, making it easy to collect all of your notes and highlights in one bucket. Best of all: Readwise connects to Roam.

The list of services that Readwise can pull from is astonishing:

  • Amazon Kindle
  • Apple Books
  • Google Play Books
  • Instapaper
  • Pocket
  • Medium
  • Feedly
  • Hypothes.is
  • Goodreads
  • Twitter
  • Airr Podcasts
  • OCR (via mobile app)
  • PDF
  • Email
  • Freeform input

What Readwise does, is periodically connecting to your connected services, pulling all of your saved snippets, and organize them automatically. You can then edit the highlights as you please, add notes, and turn them into flashcards when you want to memorize parts of the books and articles you’ve read.

Exporting to Roam is easy, and Readwise allows you to format your metadata any way you want. We’ll dive deeper into Readwise’s functionality in other articles in this section.

Try Readwise

If you don’t have a Readwise account yet, you can test out all of its functionality for two months, for free. Use this link to sign up.*

* I don’t receive an affiliate commission, but you get two months trial instead of one.

Articles in this series

Additional resources

Prefer videos or want to get a head start understanding Readwise? Watch this introductory video by Beau Haan, who’s learning from Readwise co-founder Tristan Homsi how to use Readwise in combination with Roam:

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